YourEightSteps For Marketing With Results!

YourEightSteps For Marketing With Results!

What is the best way to market online, and get the best results?

Now, there are good ways to promote programs
and much better ways to promote them, I always teach email
marketing because it is what set me free, anything that helps me
become a better email marketer I go after, and teach.

You have two routes you can go about promoting any program
online including YourEightSteps, one of which is directly, this
is not a good way, because it is the follow up that gets
most people to join YourEightSteps or any program or buy any
product, and not advertising your program or sales pages
directly, its why 99.9% of my traffic is always directed to a
squeeze page (opt-in page, capture page) and then my
autoresponder goes to work and follows up with them via email

YourEightStepsSo a funnel goes like this, first all my traffic is sent to
this, this is where my advertising goes
a squeeze page from my YourEightSteps members area

Then after they opt-in they see this, the landing page where
they are immediately directed to, after entering their
information in the above squeeze page.

Now some people will immediately
sign up under me, some will not, and see if you did not
advertise a squeeze page first, then you can not follow up with
them, so your advertising was wasted.

YourEightSteps For Marketing With Results!

See my YourEightSteps direct link is immediately shown to them
after they opt-in, This is a type of sales process or funnel. I
can now also follow up with people via email now, because I put
them on my list first..By sending all my traffic to a squeeze
page first, this is how you should advertise the correct way,
this is the right process.

If you do not build your email list first with your traffic,
there is no follow up. Now if you advertise directly your
YourEightSteps main affiliate link only, you are not capturing
peoples emails to follow up with them. See most people never
join something immediately after seeing it, it takes a few
follow up emails for them to join and follow through.

WALMART USE auto-responders. Their business online would be
nothing without them.

This is how marketing online is done correctly, and why certain
people make LOTS of money online, and why many others make
hardly nothing. And why list building is the single most
important thing you can do to make money online.

Because you can follow up with them, via your
autoresponder…This is the key!

Traffic + Your Squeeze page + affiliate page + Your Follow Up =

Traffic + Only main affiliate page + No Follow Up = Failure

YourEightSteps For Marketing With Results!

With all that being said, I hope you take our advice seriously
because we are only trying to help you succeed. Everything we
tell you to do, we do, so please take our advice and log into
YourEightSteps, and follow the steps one by one, get your
autoresponder set up and start building your list, and your
business the correct way.

Put it this way, how would you read this message if I didn’t send it to you from our auto-responder? How would we help you? How would we keep thousands of members updated? Everything that is successful online uses email marketing (autoresponders), ever get messages from Facebook, or other Facebook members?

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus